2018 LEGENDS Camping World Truck Series Rules

Qualifying is the night of the race

Races are Friday's/Saturday's/Sunday's at 8:00 pm est

Joining the league/testing:

- Any driver in a lower series can and will be tested in order to compete in the LEGENDS Camping World Truck Series

- Test will be during the off season

- Test will consist of 5 tracks, 1 plate, 1 road course, 1 intermediate,  1 short track, 1 super speedway

- All tracks will be random

- Must score at least an 80% on the test in order to compete

- Drivers who are looking to join the league must be tested by half way of the regular season(charlotte may race)


- Teams can have as up to 4 drivers in a team.
- Has to be real teams.
- Team points are added up between all drivers on the team.
- If you own a team that is less than 4 cars, you can use a custom car to fill in that spot(s), when that number is taken no one can use that number other than that team.

-You must send a entry every race on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays
- When sending a entry, you must have the driver name, number, manufacture, and sponsor in order to race.
For example:
PREDATOR_666_UFC, #51, Toyota, The "Louisiana  Hot Sauce"

- Qualifying is a race lobby, 4% race length, after the race the times will show
- Group qualifying 
- If you miss this day without a valid reason you will not race

- As a league owner we understand the importunacy of school, work, or just life in general. However winning a race and securing your spot in the playoffs and not showing up until the playoffs is cruel to the drivers that our on the bubble of elimination
- A driver must race a total of 8 races in order to qualify for the playoffs
- A driver must race half of the race before quitting in order to get the "race completed"
- If a driver fails to race the 8 races, the driver will be removed from the playoffs and the next driver in the line would be suited in
- If the drive makes it to 8 races and qualifies for the playoffs, the driver must race 2 of the 3 races in each round to have their playoff spot, fail to make it the driver will be removed and given to the next driver in line
- When we reach halfway through the regular season, we will not allow new drivers into the series

-Setups will be turned off
- Pit road adjustments are legal

- No damage

- Must be a cup car
- Custom cars are allowed

Lagging Out:
- If you lag out within 50% of the race, we will back out for you, with the addition of a 2-5 lap park
- The last 50% we will not back out for anyone
- During the playoffs, if a driver who is in desperate need of a win or a certain position lags out within 5 laps to go, we will back out for that driver

- If a driver is blocking is intentionally blocking in the first 85% of the race they can and will be penalized
1st time getting caught: Warning
2nd time getting caught: Pass through penalty
3rd time getting caught: Results in driver being disqualified and earn last place points
4th time getting caught: Results in a 2 race suspension in each series
- It is okay to block for a position within the last 10 or so laps within the final stage, or the end of the race
- If a driver continues to block in other races/series, he/she will be removed from the league

- When a caution occurs it will apply the pit screen
- The game will line up the drivers in the correct order
- Drivers must stay in line until they cross the start/finish line

Last Lap Rules:
- If the leader makes it to the over time line(start/finish line) and a wreck occurs the race will end as drivers will race it back to the line
- If a driver is obviously cause a wreck on purpose he/she will be given last place
- If the leader does not make it to the overtime line we will have unlimited attempts to a Green, White, Checkered

In race rules:
- All in game flags will be turned on
- Stage racing will be turned on
- AI drivers will be turned off
- Max lobby of 12 drivers
- No passing under the yellow line at Daytona and Talladega.
- Pushing in corners is legal.
- Normal tire wear
- Normal fuel usage 
- After pitting, you must stay on the apron till the exit of turn 2
- Plate Tracks you must blend in out of pit road staying on the inside until exit of turn 2

Cautions or yellow flags:
- Cautions will called when a car spins 
- 1 car cautions the whole race
- 2 laps before the stage caution, no driver is allowed to pit

Black flags:
- black flags are called when a driver earn a penalty
- black flags can result in a DNF, point penalty, drive through penalty, and/or back to the field.
- No spinning or wrecking a driver on the last lap, may result in last place of the race.
- No teammate  spinning each other to bring out a caution. Results in drive through penalty and team owner point penalty

Green flags:
- Green indicates to go full speed.

White Flag:
- White flag indicates the final lap.
- White flag will be called by the league leader.

Checkered Flag:
- Checkered flag indicates the race is over.

- When given a penalty, you will have 3 laps to serve it. It could also result in a point penalty.
- Penalties can be called for:
 - Passing bellow the yellow line and advancing your position(drive through if under green, last lap you finish last)
- Wrecking yourself on purpose(3 lap park)
- Wrecking a driver on purpose continuously( The driver is parked for 5 laps)
- No team orders( 100 point penalty for each driver of the team or who was in involved.)
- Waiting on a driver and wrecking the driver ( 100 point penalty and 3 week suspension with no points gained)
- Running over multiple drivers (2 lap park) 
- When you are given a penalty you may appeal the punishment to either reduce, and take the penalty away
- You have one week to proclaim the appeal  

Lap down Cars:
- When a lap down you can get a lap back under caution if the driver is the first car to be a lap down
- Any driver can take the wave around, however you can not pit
- You may never block anyone if you are lap down car. Results in a 2 lap park and point penalty.

Green White Checkered:
- If we run out of laps, we will go into overtime where the league officials will tell the drivers where the overtime line is.
- If a caution is called before the leader reaches that point, caution will be called and we will restart.
- If the leader passes the line and a caution is called the race is over when the leader reaches the checkered flag. 

End of Race:
- After end of the race send a message of your position and if you led a lap
- If a driver leaves and/or does not tell the admins in 5 minutes after the race the position he/she will be reported last.

Playoff Format:
The number of drivers qualifying for the Playoff Grid will be 8 drivers.
7 of the 8 slots in the Playoff Grid are reserved for the drivers with the most race wins over the first 26 races. The remaining spot is reserved for the points leader after 26 races, if that driver does not have a victory. If fewer than 8 drivers have wins in the first 26 races, the remaining Playoff Grid spots are filled by winless drivers in order of season points. As in the recent past, all drivers on the Playoff Grid have their driver points reset to 2,000 prior to the Playoffs, with a 5-point bonus for each win in the first 26 races with the inclusion of 1 point for every stage win. The playoffs will be divided into three rounds. After each of the first three rounds, the four playoff drivers with the fewest season points are eliminated from the Grid and championship contention. Any driver on the playoff Grid who wins a race in the first three rounds automatically advances to the next round. Also, all drivers eliminated from the Playoffs have their points readjusted to the regular-season points schedules. The previous championship format will be maintained for the 2018 season, but with changes. A revised regular-season points system will be adopted, splitting races into three stages. The top 3 drivers at the end of the first two stages each race will earn additional bonus points towards the championship, 5 points for the first place car down to 1 point for the 3rd place car. At the end of the race, the normal championship point scheme will be used to award points to the entire field. Additionally, "playoff points" will be awarded during the regular season for winning stages, winning races, and finishing the regular season in the top 8 on the championship points standings. 1 playoff point for the winner of a stage, 5 playoff points plus an automatic birth into the round of 8 for the race winner. (unless there are more than 16 race winners in the season, then the top 16 in race wins move on). If a driver qualifies for the championship, these playoff points will be carried into their reset points totals until the final round. This means a driver can have less regular season points than another driver, but be seeded higher due to more wins

Also, more bonus points for Top-10 in points standings at the end of the regular season: 1st place in regular season points earns 15 playoff bonus points in addition to the points earned with race or stage wins; 1st place earns 5 pts, 2nd place earns 3 pts and 3rd place earns 1 pt

Round of 8
Begins with 8 drivers, each with 2,000 points plus a 5-point bonus for each win in the first 26 races and 1 bonus point for each stage win in the first 26 races.
Round of 6
Begins with 6 drivers, each with 3,000 points  plus a 5-point bonus for each win in the first 26 races and 1 bonus point for each stage win in the first 26 races.
Championship 4
The last four drivers in contention for the season title start the race at 5,000 points, with the highest finisher in the race winning the Cup Series title.

Stage 1 & 2 Points:
1st: 5 pts
2nd: 3 pts
3rd:  1 pt

1st: 43 pts
2nd: 42 pts
3rd: 41 pts
4th: 40 pts
5th: 39 pts
6th: 38 pts
7th: 37 pts
8th: 36 pts
9th: 35 pts
10th: 34 pts
11th: 33 pts
12th: 32 pts

Chase Points:
1st: 46 pts
2nd: 42 pts
3rd: 41 pts
4th: 40 pts
5th: 39 pts
6th: 38 pts
7th: 37 pts
8th: 36 pts
9th: 35 pts
10th: 34 pts
11th: 33 pts
12th: 32 pts

Bonus points:
- 1 point for leading a lap
- 1 point for leading the most laps
- 1 point for the driver who won the pole